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September 2017

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Brief vitae and research interest

I was born in Cuba in 1968 where I lived until 1987 when I moved to the former Soviet Union to study at the Physic Department of the Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov (МГУ) where I received my Master Of Science degree in mathematical-physics (Thesis' title: Theoretical analysis of two dynamical models of DNA, advisor: Dr. Ludmila V. Yakushevich) in November, 1992 at the Biophysic Department of the Moscow State University. I finished my PhD Thesis on Mathematics Perturbations on the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations: dynamics, resonances and diffusion of the kinks. (Perturbaciones de ecuaciones de Klein-Gordon no lineales: dinámica, resonancias y difusión de los kinks). (advisor: Dr Angel Sánchez) in March, 2000 at the Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. I was appointed in November 2008 as an Associated Professor (Profesor Titular) at the Departamento de Física Aplicada I of the Universidad de Sevilla.

Research interest

The main topics in which I am interested are:

  • Symmetries related with the ratchet transport,
  • Nonlinear Schrodinger equation and nonlinear Dirac equation: exact solutions, stability, and perturbations,
  • The ratchet dynamics of extended systems,
  • Soliton's theory: collective coordinates.



Publication list

Here is my publication list and here my Google Scholar profile. To see my profile click here

 Google Scholar profile
Google Scholar profile

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