Guillermo P. Curbera

Professor of Mathematics


Departamento de Análisis Matemático
Facultad de Matemáticas
Universidad de Sevilla
Calle Tarfia s/n
Sevilla 41012, Spain


Instituto de Matemáticas IMUS         

Universidad de Sevilla

Edificio Celestino Mutis

Avenida de Reina Mercedes s/n

Sevilla 41012, Spain


Phone:             +34-95-455-7995 

Fax:                 +34-95-455-7972  



Real Sociedad Matemática Española RSME (I was Editor General of the Society)


International Mathematical Union IMU (I am curator of the Archive of the IMU)


Circolo Matematico di Palermo (with a beautiful history)



The spacecraft Jules Verne disintegrating while re-entering the Earth's atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean


Research interests


Function spaces, operators, measures





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Mathematics Genealogy Project, Google Scholar, Research Gate, SISIUS



Socio-economic impact of mathematical research and mathematical technology in Spain (I coordinated the report for the Red Estratégica en Matemáticas)



Extension and integral representation of the finite Hilbert transform in rearrangement invariant spaces
Guillermo P. Curbera, Susumu Okada and Werner J. Ricker
Quaestiones Mathematicae, (2019) published online

Special issue dedicated to the memory of Joe Diestel.


Inversion and extension of the finite Hilbert transform on (-1,1)
Guillermo P. Curbera, Susumu Okada and Werner J. Ricker
Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata(2019) published online.


The Cesàro space of Dirichlet series and its multiplier algebra

Jorge Bueno-Contreras, Guillermo P. Curbera and Olvido Delgado

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 475 (2019) 1448-1471.


Invariance properties of Wronskian type determinants of classical and classical discrete orthogonal polynomials  

Guillermo P. Curbera and Antonio J. Durán

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 474 (2019) 748-764.


Random Unconditional Convergence and Divergence in Banach spaces close to L^1
Serguei V. Astashkin and Guillermo P. Curbera
Revista Matemática Complutense, 
31 (2018) 351-377.


Multipliers for spaces of unconditional series in the Hardy spaces Hp(D)
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Ulmer Seminare, 
20 (2016-2017) 81-83.


The weak Banach-Saks property for function spaces
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matemáticas,

111 (2017) 657-671.


On the Radon-Nikodym property in function spaces
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 145 (2017) 617-626.


Abstract Cesàro spaces: Integral representations
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 441 (2016) 25-44.


On the existence of RUC systems in rearrangement invariant spaces
Serguei V. Astashkin, Guillermo P. Curbera and Konstantin E. Tikhomirov
Mathematische Nachrichten, 289 (2016) 175-186.


The Cesàro operator and unconditional Taylor series in Hardy spaces
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Integral Equations and Operator Theory, 83 (2015) 179-195.


Local Khintchine inequality in rearrangement invariant spaces
Serguei V. Astashkin and Guillermo P. Curbera
Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata, 194 (2015) 619-643.


Solid extensions of the Cesàro operator on lp and c0
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Integral Equations and Operator Theory, 80 (2014) 61-77.


A weighted Khintchine inequality
Serguei V. Astashkin and Guillermo P. Curbera
Revista Matemática Iberoamericana, 30 (2014) 237-246.


A Banach function space X for which all operators from lp to X are compact
Guillermo P. Curbera and Luis Rodríguez Piazza
Functiones et Approximatio, 50 (2014) 233-249  

Special issue dedicated to L. Drewnowski on the occasion of his 70th birthday.


Optimal domains for operators

Guillermo P. Curbera

In: Banach and Function Spaces IV (ISBFS 2012)

Eds: M. Kato, L. Maligranda, T. Suzuki.  

Yokohama Publishers (Yokohama, 2014) 29-48.

ISBN: 978-4-946552-48-9.


Solid extensions of the Cesàro operator on Hardy space H2(D)
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 407 (2013) 387-397.


A feature of averaging
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Integral Equations and Operator Theory, 76 (2013) 447-449.


Spectrum of the Cesàro operator in lp

Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker

Archiv der Mathematik, 100 (2013) 267-271.


Sobolev type inequalities for rearrangement invariant spaces

Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Positivity, 15 (2011) 553-570.

Special issue in memoriam of Charalambos D. Aliprantis.


Extensions of the classical Cesàro operator on Hardy spaces
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Mathematica Scandinavica, 108 (2011) 637-653.


Function spaces arising from kernel operators
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Positivity, 14 (2010) 637-653.

Special issue dedicated to W. A. J. (Wim) Luxemburg for the occasion of his 80th birthday.


How sumable are Rademacher series?

Guillermo P. Curbera

In: Vector Measures, Integration and and Related Topics

Eds: G.P. Curbera, G. Mockenhaupt, W.J. Ricker.  

Operator Theory: Advances and Applications,

Birkhäuser (Basel, 2010) 135-148.

ISBN: 978-3-0346-0210-5.


Rearrangement invariance of Rademacher multiplicator spaces
Serguei V. Astashkin and Guillermo P. Curbera
Journal of Functional Analysis, 256 (2009) 4071-4094.


Vector measures: Where are their integrals?

Guillermo P. Curbera, Olvido Delgado and Werner J. Ricker

Positivity, 13 (2009) 61-87.


Rademacher multiplicator spaces equal to L
Serguei V. Astashkin and Guillermo P. Curbera
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 136 (2008) 3493-3501.


Can optimal rearrangement invariant Sobolev imbeddings be further extended?

Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker

Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 56 (2007) 1479-1498.

Compactness properties of Sobolev imbeddings for rearrangement invariant norms

Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 359 (2007) 1471-1484.


Optimal domains for L0-valued operators via stochastic measures

Guillermo P. Curbera and Olvido Delgado

Positivity, 11 (2007) 399-416.


The Fatou property in p-convex Banach lattices

Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 328 (2007) 287-294.


Vector measures, integration and applications

Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker

In: Positivity. Eds: K. Boulabiar, G. Buskes, A. Triki

Trends in Mathematics, Birkhäuser (Basel, 2007) 127-160.

ISBN: 978-3-7643-8477-7.


Extrapolation with weights, rearrangement invariant function spaces, modular

inequalities and applications to singular integrals
Guillermo P. Curbera, José García-Cuerva, José María Martell, Carlos Pérez

Advances in Mathematics, 203 (2006) 256-318.


Banach lattices with the Fatou property and optimal domains of kernel operators
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker

Indagationes Mathematicae (N. S.), 17 (2006) 187-204.


Symmetric kernel of Rademacher multiplicator spaces
Serguei V. Astashkin and Guillermo P. Curbera
Journal of Functional Analysis, 226 (2005) 173-192.


Optimal domain for the kernel operator associated with Sobolev's inequality
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Studia Mathematica, 158 (2003) 131-152 and 
170 (2005) 217-218.


Multiplication operators on the space of Rademacher series in rearrangement invariant spaces  
Guillermo P. Curbera and Vladimir A. Rodin
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society134 (2003) 153-162.


Optimal domains for kernel operators via interpolation
Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker
Mathematische Nachrichten244 (2002) 47-63.


Multipliers on the Set of Rademacher Series in Symmetric Spaces  
Guillermo P. Curbera and Vladimir A. Rodin
Functional Analysis and Its Applications, 36 (2002) 244-246.


Please no new integrals! 
Guillermo P. Curbera       

Tübinger Berichte zur Funktionalanalysis, 9 (1999-2000) 117-124.


Volterra convolution operators with values in rearrangement invariant spaces
Guillermo P. Curbera
Journal of the London
 Mathematical Society, 60 (1999) 258-268.


A note on funtion spaces generated by Rademacher series
Guillermo P. Curbera
Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 40 (1997) 119-126.


Banach space properties of L1 of a vector measure
Guillermo P. Curbera
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 123 (1995) 3797-3806.

When L1 of a vector measure is an AL-space

Guillermo P. Curbera
Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 162 (1994) 287-303.

Operators into L1 of a vector measure and applications to Banach lattices
Guillermo P. Curbera

Mathematische Annalen, 293 (1992) 313-330.


Ph. D. thesis

The space of integrable functions with respect to a vector measure

Universidad de Sevilla, 1992.

Advisor: Francisco J. Freniche.



Ph. D. students


Olvido Delgado Garrido

Nuevas contribuciones sobre L1 de una medida vectorial

Universidad de Sevilla, 2004.


Francisco Javier Carrillo Alanís

Local distribution of Rademacher series and function spaces

Universidad de Sevilla, 2017.


José Jorge Bueno Contreras

The Cesàro space of Dirichlet series

Universidad de Sevilla, 2018.

(Co-advisor: Olvido Delgado Garrido)




“The wine of Saint Martin’s day” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Museo del Prado, Madrid




Curso 2018-2019: Integración de Funciones de Varias Variables (Grado en Matemáticas, en Física y Matemáticas, y en Matemáticas y Estadística).


Para horarios, consultas, exámenes, ver: Departamento de Análisis Matemático, Facultad de Matemáticas.


Estalmat Andalucía acceder



History of Mathematics


Giovanni Battista Guccia. Pioneer of International Cooperation in Mathematics

Benedetto Bongiorno and Guillermo P. Curbera

Springer, 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-78667-4




El club de los matemáticos. Los congresos internacionales

Guillermo P. Curbera

Editorial RBA, 2011

ISBN: 978-84-473-7441-0.


Translated into English, French, Italian, Polish and Russian.





Mathematicians of the World Unite! The International Congress of Mathematicians–A Human Endeavor

Guillermo P. Curbera

With a Foreword by Lennart Carleson

AK Peters, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-56881-330-1




The International Congress of Mathematicians: a human endeavour

Guillermo P. Curbera

Current Science, 99 no. 3 (2010) 287-292.

ISSN: 0011-3891


The ICM through History

Guillermo P. Curbera

European Mathematical Society Newsletter, 63, March 2007, p. 16-21.

ISSN: 1027-488X


Una mirada histórica a los International Congress of  Mathematicians

Guillermo P. Curbera

Fronteras matemáticas del siglo XXI

Arbor: Ciencia pensamiento y cultura, CLXXXIII, 725 (2007) pags. 363-372

ISSN: 0210-1963


Los ICM a través de la Historia

Guillermo P. Curbera

La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española, 9.3 (2006), p. 695-711.

ISSN: 1138-8927


Quinientos años de matemáticas en Sevilla y algunos menos en la Universidad

Guillermo Curbera y Antonio Durán

En: Historia de los Estudios e Investigación en Ciencias en la Universidad de Sevilla

Universidad de Sevilla, 2005, pag. 75-144.

ISBN: 84-472-1001-4.


Matemáticas desde las afueras: Ramanujan y Sunyer i Balaguer

Guillermo Curbera

En: Matemáticos y Matemáticas

Antonio J. Durán, José Ferreiros eds.

Universidad de Sevilla, 2004, pag. 157-184.

ISBN: 84-472-0810-9.



The ICM through History


Curator of the exhibition organized for ICM 2006 in Madrid, commemorating 25 editions of the ICMs.




The exhibition reviews the history of the twenty four editions of the International Congress of Mathematicians that

have taken place since the first one was held in Zürich in 1897. Besides its mathematical content, ICM has been a

cultural event where other activities have taken place: art exhibits, musical concerts, leisure excursions, chess contests,

social balls. Some ICMs have created a particular iconography; some have taken place in singular buildings;

some have suffered from historical events. The exhibition reviews the human and cultural side of ICMs.





Navigate through ICM


In addition to the mathematical content of the congresses, the proceedings of the ICMs contain a large amount of other

information. By searching through the collection of more than 50 volumes, one can find who attended the congresses,

who lectured, and much more.




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